Who We Are

Owner: Chuck - DJ SweetChuck
DJ and Record Collector since 1992
Instagram: DJSweetChuck
'I'm having a house party, think we should get a DJ?' That's how it all started in 1992. A friend of mine asked me that and it was all over. Been collecting records and buying vinyl ever since. Lucky to have this opportunity to own Soul Shack. Been a dream of mine for a long time to own a record store.
Vinyl Expert: Mark - DJ Syko
DJ and Record Collector since 1990
Instagram: DJ Syko
Beat Maker, Skratcher, Record Collector, he does it all. Deeply rooted with a musically talented family, his influences range from Jazz to Funk to Latin to Soul. Plus an extensive knowledge of hip hop.
New Kid in the Store: Zander - ZRice Films
Film Maker and Music Enthusiast since 2003
Instagram: ZRiceFilms
YouTube: ZRice Films
With 100 plus movies and short films under his belt, Zander is spending time learning the music business first hand. His films use a wide variety of music from Funk and Soul to Rock and Musicals. Don't test him on his Movie and Film knowledge. For his age, he's definitely an expert.
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